"In every person there is a sun. Just let them shine." Socrates

About Us

Together we can make this world a better place. We believe that every person is unique. How to detect, save and develop your own uniqueness and uniqueness of children?

Our pedagogical team has been working on this for many years. 40 years ago, Yuri Krasny and Lina Kurdukova came up with the concept of a natural pedagogical complex and laid the foundations of animation pedagogy. For 40 years, the methodology has been working and developing in the practice of authors, followers, and students.

The early creative development is a family projects, projects at the intersection of animation pedagogy and musical education. Child is center and task of each our project. Creating its own project, a child (and an adult) naturally composes, draws, sculpts, voices, animates, enthusiastically develops and explores his own topical issues.

The studio is a holistic, interesting and safe world. The world, how we want to see it, where we value individuality, express feelings, help and seek support, where friendship for life is formed, where graduates return with their children and each person is the Sun with its own unique light.

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If you are interested in collaboration with us on our projects, you are welcome.

Email us at animapedagogy@gmail.com

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